Patty K.

“Taking kids for Sunday rides and stopping at Olsons!”

Jenny D.

“Going to the store with my cousins when I was younger and now going there with my kids.”

James M.

“1985 the first time I brought my future wife Lori to Chippewa, first to Irvine Park, and then to Olson's. The first of so many family excursions to Chippewa, it became a ritual for us! P.S. our dog loves strawberry!”

Ryan B.

“My now wife; when we were in high school she brought me along as the third wheel for a date with her and her boyfriend at Olson's. She didn't tell me I would be the 3rd wheel.”

Sharon V.

“Spending the day at Irvine Park then going to Olson's for ice cream. Always a fam fav!”

Alexis D.

“Eating ice cream on the sidewalk bench after long walks downtown!”

Roxie O.

My dad grew up in Knapp with Howard Olson. When I was a kid dad would randomly say, “Let’s go get some ice cream” which meant drive to Chippewa to Olson’s for a frosted treat.

Ethel Y.

“1st time here and it was the 75th anniversary Labor Day and you provided caricatures. We get them of our grandbabes who are 14 + 17 months. Ice cream with the family creating special memories - the best!”

Liz W.

“Loved going to Irvine Park in 70's (that'd be last century) stopping at Olson's for i.c. and pictures by ice cream cone sculpture outside.”

Ryan P.

“When I first found out that Olson's was coming to downtown Eau Claire. As a City Planner, I thought that was a very good decision. I've been trying all the flavors each visit. Thanks for coming downtown EC.”

Pangkou K.

“Sitting outside Olson's with the kiddos, enjoying our cones in the warm summer months!”

Sam O.

“A friend took me up to Chippewa after my childhood dog passed away. Never forget how the power of ice cream turned my frown upside down!”

Jodea G.

“We would camp at Wissota every summer. At least 3x in that week we would find an “excuse” to go into Chippewa. Olson’s would always be the place we ended up. We have continued our tradition of ice cream with our grandchildren. Whenever they come to visit, our grandchildren will ask to have a “backwards” meal, that means we go to Olson when it opens in the morning and have ice cream before lunch. We often are there to watch the ice cream being made. Sometimes we even get a little taste of fresh ice cream! Thank you for the memories!”

Brooke S.

“Getting ice cream with my teammates after basketball in Chippewa.”

Derek P.

“Coming here with my dad and brother before going to play at Irvine Park 18 years ago. I'm 36 now! Now I bring my kids here!”

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Stop on in and grab your favorite sweet treats during the hours listed below at the Chippewa Falls and Eau Claire locations!

Can't wait to see you soon! 😀☀️🍦🍨🍿

We have some HUGE NEWS coming soon next week to share with all our Olson's Ice Cream lovin' fans! 🍦😮

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It's 🍎🥧#NationalApplePieDay🥧🍎 and we're ready to satisfy your sweet tooth with our limited edition Caramel Apple Pie featured flavor! 😱👏

Cinnamon ice cream, apple pie filling, and caramel swirl make this flavor a one of a kind experience you don't want to miss! Stop by either location and try some today! 🥄🍦

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How delicious does this Olson's Turtle Sunday look? 😮🙌

Rich vanilla ice cream, creamy caramel, hot fudge, pecan pieces, whipped cream, and a cherry make this dessert almost unreal! We know you want one. 👀🍒

Enjoy a sweet treat for a good cause and join Regis Catholic Schools for their annual Olson's Ice Cream Share Night fundraiser! ✏️🍦👍

We are proud to feature another Share Night collaboration in an effort to raise funding for education and local school districts in the area!

📍Stop by Regis Catholic High School at 2100 Fenwick Ave, Eau Claire, WI 54701 on May 11th from 3:00PM-7:30PM and show your support!

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