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Judy H.

“My fondest memory is the old Creamland Dairy Bus (yellow) that brought bottles (glass) to our apt. in Chippewa.”

Chris W.

“Eating Olson's after school registration every year!”

Lundgren Family

“Our favorite Olson's memory is ice cream after swimming lessons at the Chippewa outdoor pool! Yum!”

Linda B.

“Trying Olson's ice cream with the fam after my daughter moved into Haymarket. #willbeback :)”

Kadee V.

“My favorite Olson's memory is the 75th anniversary with caricatures! Worth the wait!”

Chris W.

“Every summer when my sister and her family would come and visit from Hawaii during the summer and we would always go to Irvine Park and Olson's Ice Cream. So fun and good!”

Helve V.

“Going to Music in the Park and always getting the Grapefruit Sorbet with my family, and listening to the music!”

Roger S.

“Taking my girlfriend to the Chippewa store for the first time and the look on her face was priceless.”

Kayla M.

“Racing here after trivia for a quick scoop with friends <3”

Rob + Maria + Loya

“Seeing our daughter jumping and lifting herself to see the ice cream flavors.”

Alena X.

“My favorite memory with Olson's would be the good days in high school fishing with my family and going to Olson's to grab a bite of ice cream and food. Some of the best memories and summer.”

Peter J.

“My favorite memory is watching my children eat ice cream the first time we brought them to Olson's.”

Betsy P.

“My favorite Olson's memory is when my husband and I first brought our daughter to Olson's in Chippewa! She was so happy and loves getting Olson's Ice Cream as a yummy treat!”

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